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Wardrobe Box - Space Saver
Wardrobe Box - Space Saver
Wardrobe Box - Space Saver
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Price: $9.99

This space saver wardrobe box protects your hanging clothes during your move and in storage.  This box is also handy for chairs and sporting goods.  A metal hanging bar is included.  Will hold about 1-1/2 lineal feet of closet rod with a 100lbs max load rating.  Nominal dimensions 18"x21"x46", approx 10 cubic feet.

Don't forget to pack lighter items (pillows, etc) in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes to use all the available space!  As long as your clothes don't touch the lighter items, all you save is money. 

Buy 10 or more of these boxes and get 10% off!  Price is adjusted in your shopping cart.  On-line orders only.  

We'll buy back the boxes you don't use!  We offer 100% buy back of any unused box, with receipt.  Just bring them back to our retail store during normal business hours for a cheerful refund.

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Why these boxes?  Four words cover it; Quality, Price, Selection and Environment.


All of the boxes Sierra sells have a minimum C-Flute structure.  Importers, big box "discount" retailers and others pushing discount "moving kits" often offer boxes made with smaller B-Flute material, which is typically only 1/8" thick. That's 25 percent thinner than the C-Flute standard! In addition, specific kitchen, electronics and other specialty boxes are also double-walled for additional strength to protect your personal possessions.
All of our boxes are made to precise standards from the strength and flute structure of each box to the specific sizing that allows our customers to take advantage of easy loading and proper stacking while moving or used for storage.


Check the big box stores.  You'll find our prices, for comparable quality, meet or beat everything else on the market.


We don't stock just the best sellers.  We have special purpose boxes for just about any packing job you've got, and they're all in stock right now!  We also stock all the other materials you'll need for your move, all in stock and ready to go! 


Fiber board boxes are the ultimate reusable and recyclable product.  Unlike plastic totes or molded rental crates, fiber board boxes don't end up in the land fill.

Sierra is a community e-waste collection center. Find out what we can accept here. Drop off your unwanted electronics during our normal office hours. All proceeds benefit local non-profits!

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